I’m  a Californian who lives in Amsterdam, a cycling Mecca for those of us who hail from countries where the car is just about the only form of transportation there is. I grew up in Los Angeles, with its tangle of freeways, and am thrilled to be in a city where cycling everyday is as common as breakfast. Biking is a sustainable, practical and liberating form of getting from A to B and I want to support the cycling movement as it grows globally. How can I do this? By offering my take on how Amsterdam continues to get it right. After all I lived the polar opposite for much of my life, stuck in constant gridlock.

This is a bike blog about lifestyle, culture, innovation and seeing the urban world above spokes, written by Dara Colwell. I am a woman who loves to bike and prefer two wheels to high heels–though admittedly, it’s easy to bike in ’em–and would like to offer the stories, insight and knowledge I’ve gleaned from “going Dutch.” This blog will also occasionally include history and details about Amsterdam, as not everything has to be about cycling!

About the blog name: ‘Dam from Amsterdam (damn!) Bike (obvious) Betty (cyclist jargon for a woman on wheels)

Stylish on the bike!

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