Cycling Behaviour

How do riders ride their bikes? Amsterdam’s Urban Cycling Institute, a department of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), set out do research on just that. While Dutch city streets are much safer than, say, their American counterparts (due to separate bike paths), some local newspapers have claimed that local cyclists edge towards anarchic behavior.

According to research conducted by UvA Sociology students, who analyzed nine major junctions during rush hour—and the whopping 18,500 cyclists that sailed through them in one hour—there are three types of cyclists:

  • Conformists: those who obviously stick to the rules;
  • Momentumists: cyclists who adapt the rules to suit their own ends, without causing danger;
  • Recklists: those who recklessly ignore the rules, causing conflict with other road users.

Guess what? The majority of cyclists are conformists with recklists weighing in at a mere 5%.

Shoot that theory in the spokes….

As cycling keeps growing in popularity, the Urban Cycling Institute will hopefully keep making the news. It’s new summer program, “Planning the Cycling City was swamped with applicants—those on the wait list are probably looking at 2016 for their start date. The course will discuss amongst other things: Bicycle culture and effects from a social and geographical position.

To keep informed, please visit their blog. I certainly will!


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