Cycling in the Sun

I haven’t written a blog post since 2012–a thousand reasons for that. But I’m still cycling, still in Amsterdam, and the sun has encouraged me to pick up my efforts yet again. So Dam Bike Betty is back, this time with more air in her wheels….

It’s a sunny day, signalling the beginning of spring, so I’m heading out on a short trip along the Amstel River to Oudekerk-aan-den-Amstel, a nearby village. The lovely thing about being spontaneous in Holland is knowing you can cycle anywhere–it’s all FLAT, so no surprises. This is the kind of weather when everyone hits the streets, heads to the park (those with cars drive towards the beach, which is 10 km away) and on the route I’m taking, which is largely car-free, the little ones are out on their bikes, following their parents as they learn to cycle longer stretches.

As always, I love the freedom this machine gives me and wish readers a lovely day on their bikes!


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