Cool bikes from around the world

Here’s a collection of cool bikes–just a handful to whet the appetite! The more you get into bikes and cycling, the more you discover how this ingenious little machine gets around, and gets people around. It has true international flair.

First, one from our sister city of coolness, Berlin:

Doing it German style...

And another bike, also in Berlin, with the backdrop of the largest outdoor karaoke I’ve ever seen:

Some singers need their props!


Not to be forgotten is Albert Hoffman’s famous  bike and Bicycle Day itself. When Hoffman, who invented LSD, ingested the substance for the very first time, he was assisted home on a bike. His trip went from terror to enjoyment as he began to surrender to “Kaleidoscopic, fantastic images…exploding in colored fountains, rearranging and hybridizing themselves in constant flux …”

A helluva bike ride...or Off to see the Wizard!

My step mother sent me this from her trip to Argentina, a photo of Che Guevara’s bicycle. Forget the Motorcycle diaries, this iconic revolutionary also had a trusty ten-speed way back when (even though it looks like his Mom was storing it for when he graduated from college):

Viva la bicicletas!


And finally, my local favorite, the Dutch Momcycle (I like to think it’s pronounced Momsicle), the surest way of getting around and not having to look in the rear view mirror to discover what little Jaap is up to:

The best way to take your kid to school...


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