Bikes Galore!

Transport and a means of socializing!

Weekends are busy and in Amsterdam, that means bikes galore! I headed to the Noordermarkt (northern market) aptly facing Nooderkerk (northern church), Amsterdam’s first church built in 1620. The market has existed for centuries. Hundreds of years ago, the wares were different—think pigeons and canaries—but today, there’s a thriving organic farmer’s market coupled with antiques and second hand goods. I was momentarily (ok, about an hour) distracted by the delicious cheeses, breads, olives and honeys but eventually remembered my mission: to photograph bikes!

I hope this gives a good feel for how ubiquitous bikes are as a mode of transportation in the Netherlands. On weekends and major shopping days, cycling into the city center is a no-brainer. Forget getting in a car and facing clogged streets, fighting for a parking space and paying exorbitant parking fees, the Dutch just hop on two wheels instead.

Bikes parked next to Noorderkerk
Bike parking--it's so easy!
More parking
Typical example of bikes parked next to each other

One thought on “Bikes Galore!”

  1. Dara, I love your scene shots at the Noordemarkt. The bike chaos is fantastic 🙂 Hope to meet up with you soon where the worlds of bikes, markets and photography collide! Ik ben een fietsfotograaf 🙂 Jij ook?

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