A typical Saturday on the streets

I realize I am going to have to get my camera out and take photos of what I pass daily in the streets. Saturday, the main shopping day for us 9 to 5-ers, is a gold mine for seeing the variety of people on bicycles, but I left the house again without my camera. Today, this is what I saw cycling:

  • the postman, who had a dozen weathered tassles, stuffed animals, key chains and god knows what hanging off his handle bars, as he delivered the mail
  • parents in the bakfiets, a bicycle with a huge container (or bak) attached to the front end, where the kids fit in.  As one woman was cycling her daughter, probably about 5 years old, kept waving at me. I waved back and when she stuck her thumb in her mouth I shouted, “lekker?” (tasty?) She nodded her head yes and then started greeting another cyclist on her left.
  • an impatient, though elegantly dressed, cyclist, who told me to move because I was standing where she wanted to park her bike.

Let me just say this, on Saturdays, bikes and cyclists are like pigeons. They’re everywhere and likely to fly straight into you if you’re not paying good attention.

There are a few dozen more examples, but rather than write about them, I know I have to photograph them next time. It’s just that you see the oddest, most beautiful things when you’re moving, zipping along the streets, unable to grab your camera while simultaneously breaking for cross traffic. The best images are still in my head but I will aim to get more photos, because seeing how people do it here is the best way to show how utterly normal cycling on a daily basis should be.


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