The girly way of riding a bike

July 20, 2015


paris cycling chic

Copenhagen’s got it, Amsterdam and the UK, too. It’s cycling chic, those websites devoted to the idea that cycling doesn’t require special clothes (think: Spandex) and anyone can do it. While the underlying message is sorely needed—the more butts on bikes the better—there’s a danger lurking in those glossy photos of (primarily) young, hip urban […]

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The city is owned by cyclists

June 23, 2015


Dam protest

I tend to agree with this Guardian article that: “Anyone who has ever tried to make their way through the centre of Amsterdam in a car knows it: the city is owned by cyclists.” For those unschooled in Dutch cycling history, this is a quick take on the subject and shows how the Dutch didn’t […]

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Berlin Rocks for Bikes

June 6, 2015


IMG_3081 (1)

When it comes to cycling, I’ve had  a charmed existence. I’ve lived in San Francisco, Brooklyn and now, Amsterdam—all places where the quality of living is high due to progressive thinking, and as this is a bike blog, which have made cycling infrastructure a priority. Living in Amsterdam allows me to jump quickly to neighboring […]

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Cycling Behaviour

May 3, 2015



How do riders ride their bikes? Amsterdam’s Urban Cycling Institute, a department of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), set out do research on just that. While Dutch city streets are much safer than, say, their American counterparts (due to separate bike paths), some local newspapers have claimed that local cyclists edge towards anarchic behavior. According to […]

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Oh those tourists on bikes

April 6, 2015


bike cookies

Easter is a major weekend for tourists invading Amsterdam. For a capital with roughly one million inhabitants, Amsterdam attracts 250,000 Chinese tourists a year, not to mention British Hen party-goers, who never fail to make an impression with their offensive language and equally offensive matching pink T-shirts/tutus,/playboy bunny ears/boas or baseball caps. I’ve often chatted […]

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Bikes get a second life

March 29, 2015



Every few weeks, the news (Dutch or otherwise) seems to have an article about there being too many bikes in Amsterdam. Included amongst these are abandoned bikes, a good number of which are hastily dumped near Central Station. Dozens of studies have been conducted trying to understand why owners never come back, but with no […]

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